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In A Time With Infinite Choices, Choose An Agency That Has Your Best Interest At Heart.


marketing clique

Just like our headquarters in sunny Miami, Florida, our team is a melting pot of culture, creativity and passion, comprising 25+ years of collective working experience. The team at M clique exudes marketing professionalism and passion in all of its form from events and technology to creativity and design.

The M Clique team is focused on creating marketing solutions to increase sales, generate leads and drive traffic to your business website. Crucial to our success has been the forging of a team with some of the most effective, experienced, creative, professionals, providing our clientele a distinctive extension of their business marketing team.

In a time with infinite choices, chose an agency that has your best interest at heart. A group of individuals that care about your brand and the evolution of ever changing technology. 


Meet Our Team

William Melanson

Chief Financier

William has built a reputation as a business innovator. He follows all the novelties and uses innovative tools.


Dreama Leos

Risk Manager

Dreama is a Risk manager who uses her knowledge and skills to help clients to overcome crisis.


Roberto Johnson

Legal Officer

When it comes to legal questions, we all call for Roberto. His experience and skills are extremely valuable and helpful.

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